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If you have found your way here, I know you are frustrated and concerned about your kitty, or perhaps the many kitties in your care.  I am guessing you are looking for guidance, help, and information to help your feline friends.  I have 15+ years experience helping extremely timid, upset, anxious, depressed, insecure, and traumatized kitties to feel better.  I work with shelters, rescues and private clients to help our feline friends feel a lot better!

Anxiety, which can be triggered easily by any number of subtle factors in the environment, can cause a kitty stress.  And stress can cause behavior issues.

I have helped hundreds of emotionally distressed kitties to feel better.  When kitties feel safer, more confident, and more relaxed, their behavioral issues subside.  Please browse my website for information about how I can help the precious felines in your care feel better.

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Help For Shelter Kitties - Private Consultations - Other Animals - Techniques Used

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I love to work with our most vulnerable cats.

Helping Shelter and Rescue kitties to become more adoptable and settled into loving forever homes, while decreasing the stress of kitties awaiting their forever homes, is my passion and my expertise.

I have been helping these special kitties, and the wonderful folks who adopt them for 15+ years. In this time, I have helped hundreds of extremely fearful, shy, depressed, anxious, and otherwise unhappy shelter and rescue kitties to find forever homes, as well as to feel a LOT better while they await their forever homes.  If you have one kitty that needs help, or if you have many,  please reach out.

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Extreme Fear & Shyness : Litter Box Issues : Aggression Issues : Travel Issues : Depression : Obsessive Compulsive Hair Pulling Or Grooming :

If your kitty is struggling with litter box issues, fear, anxiety, depression with or without loss of appetite, hair pulling or tugging due to stress, aggression, or travel related issues, then get in touch.

I do not  provide a magic bullet for any of these issues, but my techniques, alongside a guardian's love and patience for their feline friend, will very often bring emotional and  behavioral balance back to a distressed  kitty.

It is very important that we make sure the behavior issue has no medical basis, and for that reason it may be necessary for your kitty to have a full physical exam prior to working with me.

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All Animals Have Emotions

While I specialize in working with kitties, I welcome the opportunity to work with any kind of animal. 

I truly love and feel deep compassion for all living beings, and I know that all living beings have their own, specific, and rich emotional lives.  If you run a farm sanctuary, are a  zoologist, animal trainer, wildlife rehabilitator, and an animal in your care is suffering from emotional pain, such as depression or anxiety, I may be able to help. 

Please feel free to be in touch with me to see how I might be able to help the beloved animal in your care.

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Tellington Touch & Bach Flower Essences 

Tellington Touch (or TTouch) involves building and gaining the trust of our animal friends through profound respect and mindfulness.  TTouch uses positive, non-habitual, gentle movements and touches that bring animals back into awareness, calm, comfort, and ease within their bodies.  This in turn brings back emotional and behavioral balance.

The Bach Flower Essences are a system of 39 liquid remedies that heal and re-balance negative emotions.  They were created with humans in mind, but they are now used all around the world to treat a wide variety of animals.  Many people are familiar with Rescue Remedy, which is a combination of Bach Flower Essences.

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“Sara’s work with the cats at the HART shelter has been, in a word, phenomenal. Using her patient, gentle manner and techniques, she has made a big difference in the behavior of many of our “shy” shelter cats, and at least 8 have been adopted already! These cats would otherwise have been overlooked by potential adopters, in favor of the more outgoing cats. These cats have been given the gift of adoption and a life in a loving, secure home.

Thank you Sara!!!”

Sara McNamara, Board President, Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART)

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“Baily is a young semi-feral cat that could be very difficult to handle.  He tended to hiss and swat and try to bite any offending hand that was near him.  Shortly after his Flower Essence therapy, Baily was adopted and is now happy with his new family.  He is a wonderful example of the positive effects of the Bach Flower Essence therapy, because without it he may have lived his life in the shelter.”

Michelle Mank - Operations Manager, CRAWL


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Client -

Your timing is amazing. It's so nice to hear from you! I love Brighton. He's doing much better- still appreciates his personal space under the bed and couch in my tiny studio apartment :), but he comes out and chases and plays happily with the peacock feathers I had originally used to soothe him from behind the stove with your helpful advice haha, and he loves eating (especially chicken as a treat!) and getting hearty belly rubs! I have grown to love him so much just as he is. - Client


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Click to buy: "No More Scaredy Cat"

Sara is a miracle worker! I am normally a skeptic when it comes to alternative therapies but she has me convinced. She carefully devised a program for my cats involving flower essences and touch therapies and the change has been remarkable – my semi feral cat has been coming right up to me for attention, which I never thought I’d see happen. Sara’s help has been invaluable and I wholeheartedly recommend her! Sally Poole - Client

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Hello Sara I very much enjoyed your book and have been using it with Sidney. Progress is slow but steady. For the first several weeks he just hissed from under the bed and I never saw him. At 5am this morning I awoke to a presence standing on me-it was Sidney and he was looking at me and then began jumping at my toes and fingers under the covers. I am so excited that he has first made contact himself.
Thanks again for your book!

Congratulations on your book! I hope that it is very successful and can help other shelters see the benefits of your program with these special kitties.
As you can see from the photos, she is completely at ease with our dogs and just can't seem to get close enough us sometimes. She loves to sleep right next to your head or on your head depending on her mood. LOL
Thanks again for everything.

Sammie is a Siamese Cross and a beautiful cat. We adopted her through second chance Cat shelter in Littleton NH. I read Sara Goldenthal's book "No More Scaredy Cat", and then started Sammie on Rescue Remedy right away. Sammie returned to better than her old self. Sara is wonderful, and  understands cat behavior. Thank you Sara!

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I know it is hard, frustrating and upsetting to watch, and care for a kitty in emotional and behavioral distress. I know this from personal experience.

From my earliest childhood memories, I  have felt a profound love and connection to all animals.  But it was Tucker (pictured above), a loving, but extremely fearful homeless kitty that set me on this unusual path of helping kitties with emotional and behavioral issues.

Tucker showed me very clearly how much love he had inside, but fear and mistrust often got in his way.  I adopted Tucker, and he became my friend and teacher.  He showed me how hard It is to be a "good" kitty when you are feeling afraid.  He inspired me to help kitties like him feel safe, and show the world how loving they can be. 

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My Rate is $95 .00  per 30 minute consultation (plus shipping) and $135.00 for 1 hour.  I add $25.00 per additional kitty, per consultation. This rate includes 1 Individual Bach Flower Essence Treatment Bottle made specifically for your kitty, sent to you via snail mail. Refill Treatment Bottles are $40.00 (plus shipping)  Shelters and Rescues please reach out to see how I can work with you to accommodate your budget, and needs.

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Well it has been ten months since we adopted Miss Helen! (Below) Using the treats with the rescue remedy was very helpful! We are so happy that we adopted her!! Thanks for your help! Sue Toth - Client

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